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PowerNap Dive CD

PowerNap Dive CD

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Nap Time CDs can help you get the most out of your naps by providing relaxing, white noise that will block out any outside distractions. PowerNap offers a variety of Nap Time CDs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for you. Whether you're looking for nature sounds, ocean waves, or simply some peaceful background music, we have what you need. And since all of our Nap Time CDs are MP3 format, they're easy to download and take with you wherever you go.

So why wait? Get started on your path to better napping today with a Nap Time CD from PowerNap!

Check Out PowerNap Dive CD

Just listen to this special CD-- with or without headphones-- and our PowerNap Dive recording will help you get to sleep F A S T.

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"The Best Night's Sleep You've Ever Had!
We created "Dive" because our customers requested a CD that would put them down to sleep, but not wake them up at the end of 20 or 40 minutes. Unlike our 20- and 40-minute versions that give you the effect of a deep sleep in short time, "Dive" helps you to achieve a deep natural sleep that can last all night long, so you wake in the morning feeling well-rested and refreshed!For years now, users have been reporting deep, restful sleep all night long when their night-time routine started by listening to "Dive."
An all new extended-length recording, Power-Nap "Dive" runs for over 70 minutes, gliding your mind gradualy down from wakefulness into a deep sleep state and leaving you there. Once you have achieved natural deep sleep, your body and mind take over what "Dive" helped to get started, and without medications, the natural relaxation effects of "Dive" help you to get to sleep, and stay asleep all night long. "Dive" users report sleeping all night long, and waking up feeling more refreshed than ever!
Choose Power Nap for your shorter naps, Power Nap Extended Edition when you have the need and the time to get the most rest possible in less than 45 minutes , and "Dive" when you want to get to sleep quickly and sleep all night long!
How to Use Power Nap "Dive"
Users report that listening to Power Nap "Dive" as they settle down to bed at night gives them the best night's sleep they ever had!
Put your headphones on in a quiet location where you can sleep all night long. Darken the room and be undisturbed until your normal wake-up time. Assume a comfortable position lying down and start the CD at a comfortable listening level.
At first, you will hear what sounds like waterfall noises or perhaps static. After about five minutes, when your brain adjusts to the waves and synchronizes to them, you will hear "artifacts" as you begin slipping down into the Deep Sleep phase. Some people hear helicopter-like sounds floating throughout their heads and so on.
While the CD is playing, you are likely to dream or feel like you are floating. As the CD ends, the sounds fade out gradually over a five minute period. The fade-out is so gradual you may not even be aware that the CD has ended. If you wake up, either remove your headphones and drift back to sleep, or feel free to start the CD over again.