The Benefits Of A Long Sleep In A Short Time

The Benefits Of A Long Sleep In A Short Time

Hammock Power Nap CD


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Power Nap and hammock.  Those are words that should go together.  Envision a most relaxing nap. Ensconced in a hammock. Shaded by a nearby tree. The soft sound of a gentle breeze in the leaves above you. The drone of a distant lawnmower going back-and forth lulls you into a deep sleep…

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But who has the opportunity to take this dream-like power nap?

Inspired by the arrival of the summer season, the team at Power Nap has developed this new Power Nap so you can enjoy this surreal nap sensation anytime, anywhere. Let’s face it– who doesn’t love the idea of taking a lovely power nap, lying in a hammock.  You’re sound asleep having a refreshing power nap while someone else does all the yard work!

Hammock is made using a live audio recording technique.  Real microphones are placed where they can accurately capture the back-and-forth sound of someone mowing the lawn with a commercial mower.  The subtleties of the machine turning to change direction are digitally captured in the recording so the effect is extremely realistic; in fact it’s so accurate we doubt you’ll be able to tell it’s not real!

The Power Nap Hammock experience transports you to a beautifully landscaped and manicured back yard on a serene summer afternoon.  Just listen and in only 20 minutes you will feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed. Power Nap’s Hammock audio-track makes our scientifically engineered, computer-generated sound wave forms more relaxing than ever before. Many users are calling this breakthrough recording the best Power Nap ever!

Enjoy the peaceful sounds of a mild summer afternoon as you get the equivalent of 3 hours of sleep in just 20 minutes.

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