The Benefits Of A Long Sleep In A Short Time

The Benefits Of A Long Sleep In A Short Time

PowerNap 20-Minute MP3 Edition Download


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20 Minute Power Nap — Our original 20-Minute recording.

Just listen to the track and you’ll feel as though you’ve had a long nap in only twenty minutes.

Listening to the Power Nap track for just 20 minutes will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, positive, and ready to face the rest of your day!

This is the same Original 20-Minute PowerNap recording, but in a smaller, MP3 format.  For the audiophiles out there, the bit rate on the file is 320Kbps so… very good quality for an MP3 file.  If you’re looking to save some space on your favorite media player device while still getting a HIGH QUALITY recording, this high bit-rate MP3 file is the answer!

A scientifically engineered series of computer-generated sound waveforms, heard through even inexpensive stereo headphones, takes you through the three-hour sleep cycle, and then gently wakes you just one-third of an hour later.

Power Nap Downloads work with any playback medium we’re aware of. If you have any questions about compatibility, please contact us. Below are some basic instructions for use with your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Droid… etc.

Download and Play Instructions:

For iPod, iPad or iPhone:

  1. Download the .MP3 file to the hard drive of your computer.
  2. File, Add File to Library
  3. Select the PowerNap MP3 Edition Download. It is now in your iTunes.
  4. Synchronize your device with your iTunes and Enjoy Your Naps!

Simplest Method for Android Devices:

  1. Download and install iTunes onto your computer. (we will use iTunes to get the files onto your Android phone). If you do not already have iTunes on your computer, it is free. You can download it from this link: Download iTunes Here
  2. From the Google Play Store, download and install the “doubleTwist Music Player.” onto your phone. This is also free.
  3. Load the file into iTunes.  (File, Add File to Library)
  4. Select the PowerNap MP3 Edition Download.  It is now in your iTunes.
  5. In iTunes, create and name a Playlist called Power Nap.
  6. Sync your phone with your iTunes using the USB charging cable and the Power Nap download will play from your phone. doubleTwist also offers “AirSync” if you prefer to sync without a cable.


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