The Benefits Of A Long Sleep In A Short Time

The Benefits Of A Long Sleep In A Short Time

Power Nap NapMachine Colors


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Colors 30-minute power nap machine is NOW available in HD Audio!

Our breakthrough 72-Track recording featuring pleasing music and no white noise now conveniently packaged as a self-playing appliance.

Get the 30-minute Power Nap machine that fits in your pocket: The Power Nap NapMachine, Colors Edition.

Were you looking for the CD?  Click Here.

A breakthrough 72-Track recording 18 months in the making, the newest Power Nap audio features pleasing music and eliminates the white noise earlier Power Nap versions utilized. Enjoy the melody as you get the equivalent of three hours of deep sleep in only 30 minutes, leaving you feeling refreshed, invigorated, positive, and energized to tackle the rest of the day!

The scientifically engineered, computer-generated sound wave forms that are key to feeling rested are still there, but Power Nap Colors’ music makes the experience even more relaxing. The results continue to amaze our customers!

Have you ever wondered what different colors might sound like if they had sounds?

To arrive at the optimal formula for Power Nap Colors we experimented with several different musical scales (major, minor, tonic) and finally settled on the one our trials proved to be most effective for the Power Nap recording. Once the musical scale had been selected, we settled on a dense musical voicing for each note of the scale. The idea is that as the Power Nap wavelengths change throughout the program– and hence the stages of sleep– that the sound being heard changes correspondingly. The theory is that after a few repetitions of Power Napping this way, the listener will become accustomed to the pattern and will learn what stage of sleep they are supposed to be in based on what sound they are hearing. This active participation in the Power Napping process helps the listener attain refreshment more quickly, and makes the Power Nap experience more effective than ever before.

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