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Colors 20-minute power nap CD Cover
Colors 20-minute power nap CD Girl
Colors 20-minute power nap CD Dive Edition
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Colors 20-minute power nap CD

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Colors 20-minute Power Nap

The Colors 20-minute Power Nap CD NOW in HD Audio!

Our spectacular 72-Track recording featuring pleasing music and no white noise now conveniently available as a download.

Colors 20-minute Power Nap CD

PowerNap Colors is a breakthrough 72-Track recording 18 months in the making.  Therefore the newest Power Nap audio features pleasing music while eliminating the white noise used by earlier Power Nap versions.

Enjoy the melody as you feel like you're getting three hours of deep sleep in only 20 minutes.  Colors leaves you feeling refreshed, invigorated, positive, and energized.  After that you will feel ready to tackle the rest of the day but not drowsy as you usually feel after a nap!

The computer-generated sound wave forms that are key to feeling rested are all there, in other words the Colors 20-minute music makes the experience even more relaxing. Therefore the results continue to amaze our customers!

No White Noise

Do you wonder what different colors might sound like if they had sounds?

For instance, to arrive at the optimal formula for Power Nap Colors we were experimenting with several different musical scales.  We were trying major, minor and tonic scales before settling on the one the proved to be most effective for the Power Nap recording.

In selecting the optimal musical scale, we settled on a dense musical voicing for each note of the scale. The idea is that the Power Nap wavelengths change throughout the program.  Hence the sounds that you hear correspond to the stage of sleep you are in.

The theory is that after a few times listening to Power Napping this way, the listener becomes accustomed to the pattern.  Eventually the listener learns what stage of sleep they are supposed to be in based on what sound they are hearing.

This active participation in the Power Napping process helps the listener attain refreshment more quickly.  This is part of what makes the Power Nap experience more effective than ever before.

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