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PowerNap /e – 40 minutes CD

PowerNap /e – 40 minutes CD

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Created by popular demand, PowerNap E is a double-length version of our original 20-minute recording. Delivers Six Hours Sleep in 40 Minutes.

Really need to jam a lot into your life? Have to catch up on a lot of sleep in a little time? Love your Power Nap but wish it lasted longer?

Get a night's sleep in less than an hour with Power Nap Extended Edition

New Power Nap Extended Edition is the answer. An all new recording, Power Nap Extended Edition provides 40 minutes of deep-sleep sounds for the equivalent of six hours of rest. You’ll feel like you’ve slept all night and wake up more refreshed than ever!

Choose Original Power Nap for your shorter naps and Power Nap Extended Edition when you have the need and the time to get the most rest possible in less than 45 minutes!

Listening to the Power Nap Extended Edition CD for just 40 minutes will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, positive and ready to face the rest of your day!

Put your headphones on in a quiet location where you can darken the room and be undisturbed for about 40 minutes. Assume a comfortable position sitting or lying down and start the CD at a comfortable listening level.

At first, you will hear what sounds like waterfall noises or perhaps static. After about five minutes, when your brain adjusts to the waves and synchronizes to them, you will hear "artifacts" as you are resting. Some people hear helicopter-like sounds floating throughout their heads and so on.

Your mind will cycle through stages of deep and REM sleep. You are likely to dream or feel like you are floating. At the end of the CD in about 40 minutes, a six-minute session of special waves will wake you up. You'll feel as though you had a long, refreshing and restful sleep!