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The PowerNap Testimonials Are From Authentic Customers.

Banking, Investing And Financial Services

I have told 100's of people about Power Nap, and I have started a business that requires people to be up a couple of times during the night for investing in Europe, so good sleep is important. I will tell over 10,000 people this year about it and more as we grow. Keep up the good work. I wish I had invented it. D.G. in Washington.

"I work in a highly stressful financial services job juggling way too many phone calls and emails all day long. PowerNap has been a great way to de-stress in the middle of the day and get recharged as if I had just come to work. I have also been very pleased that I have never overslept, the recording wakes me up at the end every time."

Peter B. In Hawaii.

"Dear Power Nap, I am an account manager at a Dutch Bank and am a huge fan of Power Nap! I am sure it will become a main factor in company business all over the world. The benefits of it are tremendous. I am a strong believer in Power Nap." Yours sincerely, 

Bas Van H. In Amsterdam, Holland.

Students / Education

"I have been using your Power Nap for just over a week now. I am delighted with it! Thanks for the naps!"

G. DM Rush Medical College

"I want to thank you for creating Power Nap.  I was wonderfully surprised by how well it works. It will save me countless hours in the future, and also improve my performance during exam times. Thanks so much! Jack."

Adolescents simply do not get enough sleep. They know it. As adults, we know it. As a College Counselor, I see it daily; thus our 'lending library' of Power Naps. Rarely is one on the shelf: students use 20 minutes of a free-period to get a second wind, or find a calming center prior to a test or my favorite: check one out for the week-end to power up for studying or seeing friends. Power Naps are a gift we can give ourselves and each other. 

Candace Cushing Associate Director College Counseling, Stamford, CT

"I have been using your 20 minute Power Nap for the past 3 months. I love it. What a great way to get the extra energy that I need for my day! I am a teacher at the high school level. I told all of my students and co-workers about your product, and several of them have come back to report that they purchased your Power Naps and can't believe how well they work! Thank you for a great product!."

Erica Brown

New Baby / New Mothers / New Fathers / Children

"I love my Power Nap and use it all the time. I now have 4 other people interested and have sent them to your web site and will be ordering one more for my daughter who just had a baby. She is nursing and the demand on her time is hard for her but I make her lie down during her rest time and use the NapMachine. It really helps her feel more alert 30 minutes later when it's time to be up again for other things. 

Bev In Indiana

"I am very impressed with the Power Nap Colors recording. My wife and I recently welcomed a new baby and sleep has been a rare commodity! My job requires that I be very detail oriented so I sought a product that would allow me to concentrate and function at the level needed. Power Nap Colors has passed the test with well, flying Colors! I take a refreshing power nap using the  during lunch and return to work focused and energized. I feel like I owe my latest good review partly to the rest I get with this product and have recommended it to my colleagues. Keep up the great work!"

Joel In California

Both of our children have problems sleeping through the night. We purchased Power Nap Dive and now they both sleep through the night. We love Power Nap Dive! Thank you for your products - I look forward to ordering more from you. Thank you for helping.

Marilyn A In Ohio

"Power Nap. I dig it. It works well for me towards the end of the day. I told my Brother to get it because he and his wife are dealing with a newborn. GO Power Nap!"

Mike F. In Ohio

Insomnia / Fatigue

I *love* the FibroNap! I'll be ordering more... I know a lot of people who have insomnia, or work nights, have just had a baby, or other issues where a Power Nap would be a life-saver. 

Shirley In AZ

I love this Power Nap! It is the only thing I've found that puts me to sleep.

K.D. In Florida

I have been using these Power Nap recordings with a group of people who suffer from chronic fatigue and/or pain syndromes and they are making a huge difference. There are a few of us who end up waking up several times through the night or not sleeping at all. When we play the Dive recording several times through the night we feel much better the next day, sometimes as if we had actually slept the whole night. I can't tell you how wonderful that is. Thank you.

T.C. In Florida.

"Just a quick note of thanks. I suffer from severe insomnia and awake very early daily. I now have a routine each day to come down and spend the rest of the night PowerNapping to catch up on lost sleep. My only dilemma each day is which one to use as I have the whole set - NapMachine, Original, Extended, Dive, and now Colors. FANTASTIC the lot of them! Can highly recommend, as I don't know what I would do without them."

Dan G In Great Britain

For A Good Night’s Sleep Anytime

"My busy life and emotionally charged professional work often leave me "hyped" at the end of the day. An elevated mental state can lead to my requiring a lengthy time to fall asleep. I have tried a few medications to lower my mental cycling before bedtime, but nothing is as effective or as natural as listening to Power Nap Dive before I am ready for deep sleep. And no residual drugged effect in the morning. Thanks to your Power Nap Dive, I can be well-rested and focused during the day and can sleep soundly during the night.

Warren Smith

"I use Power Nap Dive nightly to fall asleep. I rely upon it. I take my Power Nap with me on business trips, vacations, & etc. Therefore, I am asking you to please make a Power Nap Dive sleep machine ASAP! I have to go to Europe in 6 weeks & REALLY need your new product -- but with Power Nap Dive capacity. Please. Thanks!

Patricia Breen Soler

I enjoy going to sleep in the lagoon, soothed by the sounds of the waterfall! It's an especially nice visualization as it conjures up a feeling of warmth. I use the Dive, version of Power Nap & have been pleased with the results.

Maureen In OH

We like Power Nap Dive so much we are ordering more for family.

Raylene In Idaho

"Hi Jonathan; I am in need of more Power Nap Dive's. We love it so much it is now going to be Christmas gifts to those we know who have trouble sleeping, like my mother in law, my kids, etc...

Doug Emery

Just wanted to let you know that I love PowerNap! This past year I have been struggling with falling asleep--taking as long as two hours of lying in bed. I also have Restless Leg Syndrome (not taking medication). Because I was not falling asleep fast enough, my legs would then begin to ache and keep me awake even longer. Then, I would get out of bed to take Nyquil, Tylenol or Advil. Anything to help me sleep. And still end up with 5-6 hours of sleep. This cycle has been going on for a year and getting much worse these past few weeks. Since using the PowerNap, I have fallen asleep before my legs start to ache me and I have NOT taken any drugs! The PowerNap is such a huge blessing! Have a blessed day.

C.S. In Ohio

"I was skeptical at another napping / sleep inducing product. Firstly I was amazed at how quickly the Power Naps arrived internationally. Secondly I was very impressed at the 20 minutes and 40 minutes napping. I now use them daily, and am very impressed, as I never manage to sleep enough. I am now ordering the Dive edition, to help me sleep through the night - LOVE THE PRODUCT !!!."

Dan, United Kingdom.

"I’ve been using Power Nap Dive, and I love it, I sleep so deep!"

"WOW - I have Fibromyalgia really bad and I have purchased your FibroNap. It works really great! Take care and thanks for all you do :):)"


"I am writing to tell you how much I really love the Power Nap FibroNap recording-- I am amazed at how well it works for me. I also like the introduction and relaxing music before it starts the sleep sshhhhhhing part. It helps me get my breathing under control and puts me in a state of total relaxation – N.T."


"Power Nap is awesome. These inexpensive recordings take only a few minutes and really relax you fast. Everyone should have a Power Nap. They remind me of that old commercial about Calgon Bubble Bath--"Calgon, take me away!" I try to do a Power Nap daily, especially when the kids are about to get home from school and it's going to get a little crazy."

Dan G In Great Britain

"After the death of my husband, I just couldn't sleep. After several months of not sleeping, I turned to a prescribed sleeping pill which I heavily depended on and later experienced some adverse reactions. I decided to quit the pills cold turkey and use Power Nap Dive with a pillow speaker. The results have been amazing, and I am totally off all meds thanks to Power Nap Dive."

Nancy V. From Cleveland, OH

Jet Lag And Travel

"Power Nap is a tremendous find. I suffer significantly from Jet Lag and I took Power Nap on my trip to Hawaii and returned from the overnight flight and went to work that morning and continued working all week with Zero Jet Lag. I highly recommend Power Nap. I love my Power Nap NapMachine and recommend it to many!"

Kim Crabtree Of MetaOps, Inc. In Michigan

"I received and have used the Power Nap NapMachine. It's a great product! In fact, I would like to order three more units - one for my office in Reno, one for my office in Vegas, and one for my airplane commute. That way, it will be easy for me to demonstrate the unit to other people!" Regards,

Olin Cleve McDaniel.

Daily Energy Booster / Productivity Enhancer

"Hey, my name is Josh Chappell. I got your Power Nap and I love it! Thanks for a great product! I am constantly on-the-go and I don't get the 8 hours I need at night, but the Power Nap helps so much! Thanks! I can listen to it and my fatigue goes away! Josh."

"Your Power Naps are GREAT! I have a disabled child that keeps me up A LOT and I have a completely different life now that I can "recover" some sleep the next morning with Power Nap."

Deborah Warner

I use my NapMachine almost every day. I absolutely love it! I really love the ease of the NapMachine! I can pop it in my purse and use it in the car while waiting during soccer practice or wherever/whenever I need it. I really want to thank you for making this incredible product! I'd hate to think that I couldn't use this for the rest of my life. That may sound overly dramatic but it's very true! Thank you Jonathan.

J.F. In Texas.

"I just had to take a minute to tell you how impressed I am with PowerNap. I bought the 20 minute, 40 minute and Dive recordings. I feel GREAT! Really! I feel better than I do after sleeping all night and I stay energized throughout the rest of the day! Thank you for putting together such an innovative product that lives up to the claims!

Jerry S In Texas.

"I had been searching long and hard for some way to cram more sleep into my busy day; I wake at 6AM, am on a bus to work at 6:40, get to work at 8:30, work until 5, catch a bus at 5:30, and get home again around 7:00pm, sometimes as late as 8:00! With a day this long, there was never enough time to do everything I had to do in the short hours between the time I got home and when I managed to fall into bed when things were done! I now have a system depending on my amount of tiredness, I will use PowerNap when my initial snoozer-alarm goes off at 5:45, which wakes me much more effectively, and also I will use it when I get home to give me the energy I need to finish everything before bed. I don't know how I got along without Power Nap before, but just 20 minutes once or twice a day when needed has made a VAST improvement to my life. Thank you!!

G.H. In Maryland

I have to tell you my Power Nap is keeping me alive right now! It’s 1:00am and I have another 6:00am start with my boys (karate).

D.W. In Australia

"Since receiving the PowerNap Colors. recording I've used it nearly every day and am very pleased.

I estimate that the short 30 minute investment has made me over 25% more productive in my work and personal goals. Although skeptical at first, I am glad to have discovered the benefits of PowerNap. Many thanks,

Brandon H In California.

"I have been much more productive lately not only physically but mentally. I seem to be more active."

Nancy Sachs

"Today I received the Power Nap Extended that I ordered online just a handful of days ago. I recommend it all of those over-reachers and insomniacs out there."


Sports / Athletic Training

"I have been using Power Nap for one week now and I am impressed. As a competitive cyclist, I strive to take a lunchtime power nap to ensure I am at my peak fitness level. Power Nap refreshes me and allows me to make it through the workday and then into heavy training sometimes lasting 3 hours. It definitely compliments and improves resting/sleeping."

Steven Perry

Truckers / Long Distance Driving

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with Power Nap. It works GREAT!! I drive a lot in my work and recently the company changed their policy and we are required to take an hour lunch and work till 5. I had just received the Power Nap and decided this is the perfect time to try it out. I do the Power Nap first and then eat. My afternoons are now full of energy and I'm alert and zipping around while everyone else is dragging. I will certainly spread the word."

Author's name

General Impressions / Feedback

Thank you so much for this! I love my power naps and want more!

Jane In Texas

I have had your 'NapMachine' with PowerNap for a few years now and LOVE it.

Anne In NY

I've been using a 'NapMachine' for about 2 years now and love it.

Al In Illinois

Your PowerNap Colors recording is a tremendous product!

Cheryl In MN

"I am writing about PowerNap Colors. I am an avid Power Napper, and I have all the programs and the NapMachine, and I love them all. But when I tried the Colors recording, I was completely amazed about how well I slept. It was wonderful to fall asleep to the peaceful music. When I woke up, I felt even more refreshed than I usually do after a regular Power Nap. I can honestly say that Colors is the best Power Nap experience I have ever had. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!"

A. J. In Ohio

"I think your Power Nap concept is superb! As your records will show I have ordered a number of them and just purchased the 'NapMachine' It is fabulous!"

Candace In CT

"Hey Jonathan, this is Dom from Windsor. I love your NapMachine product, and I've introduced your product to many a co-worker. Have yourself a great week."


"I got the 20min Power Nap and LOVE IT!

Laura In Ga

I use the PowerNap NapMachine every day and recommend it regularly.

Sam In Cleveland

"From what I've experienced from NapMachine, I absolutely love the whole project! I feel great when the recording is over."

Eos D. In Greece

"Thanks for the alertness! I feel much better now that I've taken my power nap.

Dan In Texas

"Hello There! I just listened to my first session of Power Nap and was VERY surprised at how well it worked. Thank you!"

Brayden In Utah

"I tried Power-Nap. It worked great! I feel completely refreshed!"

Drew In Ohio

"I was tired after a busy day and wanted to refresh myself before going out at night. I used the Power Nap and I cannot believe how refreshed I feel! Thank you so much!"

P.S. In Ohio

"I’ve now used the 20 minute Power Nap once and the Dive a few times. “It is so cool!” I awoke from the 20 minute nap refreshed and not groggy at all. It’s perfect for those Saturday afternoons when I’m tired but don’t want to waste the day unconscious on the couch. I have already recommended it to others. Thanks for helping me sleep.

C.R. In Ohio

"Just wanted to confirm the safe arrival of the Power Nap NapMachine - thank you. The NapMachine is fantastic, and I have got into a daily routine of using it. As well as being far more portable, the sound is crystal clear, and in my mind far enhanced from the CD. The little device is great - I am very impressed!"

Dan Glickman

"I received the Power Nap yesterday and I love it! I thought it was excellent! I'll be using this on a regular basis.


"Power Nap is great!! I've got to tell you, your Power Naps are wonderful. I have both the 20 and 40 min. versions and use each of them to recharge myself when needed. I recommend these to everyone, sure is better than drugs or sleep aids!

Kathy R

"SUPERFAST SHIPPING AND ARRIVAL. I thought this product was just a fantasy that I was buying into by my own decree, but found out to my surprise that it works and is not a fantasy. During the first 5 to 10 minutes I feel my body going into a completely relaxed state just like deep sleep. My body and mind seems to hit these stages where it suddenly drops into deeper states of relaxation and sleep. My breathing naturally becomes very deep. Sometimes at the end of 20 minutes, I don't want to wake up because I'm feeling so good in a deep restful state-- just want to fall asleep or I hit play again for another session. I use this at lunchtime and after work in my car. I use the extended edition and Dive editions at home."

"I'm still impressed with the results I'm getting with Power Nap. I'm 55 years old and it makes my day so much more enjoyable when I'm alert and have energy in the afternoon and not totally exhausted when I finish work. I've also tried several other brainwave entertainment CD's which cost more money and don't have the same result as yours does."