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What is the NapMachine?
It's been called "The Perfect Nap." The NapMachine is like having a Power Nap in your pocket! It is fully self-contained and comes complete with everything you need in order to Power Nap. You just press the start button and snooze. The completely self-contained Power Nap NapMachine is about the size of a matchbox, and includes a lanyard, earbuds and even a standard AAA battery! Now you can have a Power Nap wherever you are!
Do I have to use headphones?
Using STEREO headphones provides the best results. Comfortable closed-ear ones or high quality earbuds work best. Avoid models that have independent volume controls for each ear, so that the stereo effects of the recording are not compromised. If you're not sure if your headphones are stereo, ask someone who can identify stereo headphones by the design of the connector.
What type of headphones work best?
Most headphones are unable to reproduce sounds in the 1-12Hz area. Fortunately this is not a problem for the Power Nap recordings! This is the reason we use a carrier wave; the carrier wave makes it possible for even $5.00 headphones to deliver all the sound you need to get the Power Nap. Better headphones capable of more bass response will produce even better results, but expensive models are not necessary to get the benefits of the Power Nap recordings. If you purchase a NapMachine, you'll be fine using either the ear buds that are supplied with the unit, your own ear buds (UltimateEars are fantastic; cost about $90.00 online) or any headphones you have around the house.
Can I use my Power Nap while reading or watching TV?
Ensure that when you use the Power Nap recordings, you are in an environment where you can actually rest. Do not attempt to use them where there are excessive distractions, while you are reading or watching TV, and do not think about a personal or business problem while you are Power Napping: This is YOUR TIME! Only listen and let your mind wander. Do nothing else.
What volume setting works best?
Turn up the volume to a slightly higher level than you would normally use for comfortable music-listening. You want to ensure that the only stimulus your mind has is the sound waves coming in through your ears.
Will I get the effects just by listening?
Power Nap is a little bit like hypnotism-- you can resist it. In order for it to work optimally you need to be a willing participant in the napping process. Listen actively and concentrate on the waterfall sounds. Really focus your mind on the sounds that are coming in through your ears. Your mind will start to wander, this is normal, surrender to the recording and let it do its job. It will wake you up when it's done resting you.
Will I fall asleep?
Do not be surprised if you do not actually "fall asleep". You may be aware throughout the process that you are listening to a recording. This is fine. When the recording is finished and you "wake up" you will still enjoy the benefits of a long, deep, restful sleep even if you were not "snoring" while the recording played!
What if I hear skips on my disk?
There should be no skips on your Power Nap CD. If you’re hearing skips, they’re probably due to static build-up or dirt on the disk. In these cases please wipe the disk down with water and a soft cloth. If cleaning the disk does not help, please check the headphones you’re using and the CD player you’re using with another recording and see if the same thing happens. In close to four years of production there has never been a defective Power Nap CD, so please check everything else before reporting a suspected damaged disk.! ...To clean, wipe -across- the disk with a soft damp cloth. CD's are hard to hurt, don't be too concerned about damaging it by cleaning.
Can I copy my CD to my IPOD or MP3 player?

Of course you can copy the CD to a portable music player, but the performance results have been mixed at best. There is a reason for this. The encoding process that these music players use to compress sound files clips off the frequencies that make Power Nap effective.

What makes electronic portable music players attractive is that you can put a LOT of music in a SMALL space. The way this is accomplished is to take the original music file, clip off all the sound below 20Hz and all the sound above 20KHz (that makes the file a lot smaller) and then remove vertical slices from what remains of the original track (compression) to make it smaller yet.

The Power Nap recordings range in size from 200MB to 750MB. The reason they are so large is that there is a LOT of information in the track that is necessary to get your brain to sync up with the recording. When you transfer the file to an .MP3 or similar player, the encoding process literally removes the frequencies (from 1 to 12Hz) that make Power Nap work, and can leave you with a recording of some scratchy white noise, which doesn't have any effect.

For best results, use the recording with good quality headphones with good Bass response and a good CD player, and only use it by listening to the CD. It is possible to get satisfactory results with the iPod by importing the track into iTunes using the following import settings: AIFF, 14,400Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.

When will my order be shipped?
Normally, domestic orders placed by 4:00PM are shipped out via First Class Mail by the end of the next business day; international orders go by Air Letter Post on the same schedule. Whenever possible, we ship the same day an order is placed.
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How to Power Nap

A power nap is a short time duration rest of the body, brain, and soul so that you can regain your lost energy and spirit of work. While youngsters typically take power naps in the afternoon, grown-up power naps tend to be less often, even in those who get adequate sleep, most individuals experience laziness in the afternoon, typically about 7-9 hours after the time they wake up.

Studies show that you can be more observant, experience decreased tension, and enhanced intellectual awareness operating with a power nap. Noontime power naps mean increased tolerance, lower stress, better response time, improved creativity and focus, enhanced effectiveness, and better overall well-being.

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Powernap: The best brand for power nap products

Naptime is the best time in your regular life as it increases your relaxation, peacefulness and centeredness for twenty to thirty minutes. And these minutes make your complete body and mind energetic and stress-free. Powernap provides you the best custom-made power nap products available to help you relax and be comfortable throughout your busy and stressful regular day.

The advantages of a Power nap:

Research shows that a twenty to thirty minute power nap in the afternoon promotes significant relaxation. The body’s physique appears to be developed for it, as most individual's bodies organically become exhausted in the afternoon, about seven to nine hours after waking up in the morning.

  • Power naps make you more energetic- Twenty minutes of restorative sleep in a stress-free environment gives you more energy to perform tasks or work. A hectic schedule and abundant tension reduces the productivity of your work. So, if you don't desire to lose your energy and productivity of work, then opt for the best nap products: The Powernap brand in Ohio in the US.
  • Power naps help you regain your spirit of work- When you become more energetic, your spirit of work strengthens. When your execution of work is increased, your progress and satisfaction at the workplace also increase. A power nap is not only associated with office individuals or adults.
    A power nap is also necessary for children as they get tired and lose their ability to do any learning or activity. After a power nap, they become more focused and experience increased progress in any study or hobby they desire to execute.
  • Power naps provide you relaxation and harmony- It may seem unlikely how a twenty minute nap can have this many benefits. But research has shown that a nap between your work makes you more productive, relaxed and energetic. When you take a nap for twenty minutes, in that time, you leave all your tension, anxiety, and worries away. This time you spend only with yourself, relaxing. And if you think that you face a struggle in doing so, you can check our website Powernap and choose the best alternative power nap products according to you and your desires.
Techniques for a better and effective power nap:

Now, you must be wondering how to take a power nap. So, here we are placing some of the techniques you can adopt to take a better power nap. These techniques are as follows:

  • The most effective technique is that you must neglect coffee at noontime. It can disturb your nap and its effects remain on your body and mind system longer than you would expect.
  • If you don't desire to power nap for a long period, you can set up an alarm for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • When you struggle in taking a power nap because of tension and work or cannot take a power nap as wherever you are, you become surrounded by thoughts of your work and stress. If every alternative fails to relax you, then the Powernap company in Ohio in the US is there. Our experienced and expert team have custom-made power nap products that can assist you in taking a relaxation of twenty minutes per day to regain your focus and relax your body and mind.

Problems faced by individuals who rigorously work for their whole day-

Individuals who work without stopping for an entire day face numerous problems at work. When you work for an entire day without any break, then day by day your energy will decrease. You will gradually lose all your willpower, peace, and spirit of executing anything.

That's why a power nap is an essential element in your stressful and busy life. When you take a short nap or relaxation break for twenty minutes, then your whole body, brain, and soul rebuild themselves. And you are not stressed and less energetic like those individuals who work without any rest or break.

Power nap rebuilds your spirit, energy, will power and makes you more productive. It also demolishes your tension and fatigue. So, Powernap products can support you in taking a better and more effective power nap. We hope your understanding of the importance of a power nap has been resolved.

This word power nap and the activity look insignificant and time-wasting to individuals all over the globe as they ponder how taking naps and wasting time could increase their spirit to perform work. They think that when you sleep, you can not just wake up and start executing your work.

But these individuals don't know that there is a line between a working sleep and a nap. Sleep is for hours and, a nap is for a few minutes. During sleep, we acquire rest for several hours but, during a nap, we close our eyes for a few minutes and drift away from all the stress of work and rebuild our complete body and mind.

To select the best alternative products for your power nap time, go and check our website at Powernap. You can even call our representative in Ohio in at 216.292.4878 or email us at